Zone3 Venture Wetsuit

Zone 3 Venture Triathlon wetsuit

Zone3 Triathlon Wetsuits

Zone3, makers of Zone 3 Venture is a British triathlon brand that continues to be an innovator and leader in the world of triathlon wetsuits such as  Zone 3 Venture and apparel. They focus on research, performance and product quality above all else. Whether you are an elite leading out of the field or training for your first triathlon, Zone3 has the goods to get you the best results.

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Zone 3 Venture
Zone3 Venture triathlon Wetsuits at great prices direct from suppliers

Zone 3 Venture Triathlon wetsuit

The Venture wetsuit was designed by Zone3 specifically for Wiggle. An exclusive wetsuit which combines performance, comfort and speed and all at an amazing price. Top Features of the Zone3 Venture Wetsuit – The Venture wetsuits offer a fantastic specification including:

• Great flexibility around the shoulders and arms for comfortable and energy efficient swimming.
• Core support buoyancy panels to maintain a streamlined body position in the water and save energy.
• The use of ‘SpeedFlo’ fabric on 70% of the wetsuit to minimize drag through the water, increase speed and improve durability. The remaining 30% made from high quality rubberised smoothskin neoprene.
• Zone3’s trademark Silicone coated ‘Pro-Speed Cuffs’ on the arms and lower legs to help increase speed of removal and be more noticeable when in the water.
• A combination of 3mm and 4mm body panels for warmth.
• Low and comfortable neckline.
• Fully Stitched and Glue Bonded for increased flexibility and comfort.
• High quality YKK downwards zipper making the suit easy to take on and off.
• The thickness is 2mm around the shoulders and under arms, 3mm on the chest and upper back, 4mm on the torso, legs and side panels. Please see supporting image.
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We STRONGLY recommend using either Bodyglide when using these or any other wetsuits. These lubricants help prevent chafing, help with the removal of the wetsuit in transitions and are safe for the neoprene (unlike Vaseline).

Zone 3 Venture designed without compromise

It was mandatory that no corners were cut and the quality of the suits stood in line with over five years worth of first class customer reviews. Zone3 believe this is the best value wetsuit available on the market for the level of performance which is offered and the perfect suit for those starting out in Triathlon or Open Water Swimming.

The most important things about a wetsuit are flexibility, buoyancy, comfort and how easy it is to get off in transition. Swimmers need different things depending on their level of confidence in the water, the Venture wetsuit features everything you need in an entry level or as a training suit.

Zone 3 Venture
Zone3 Venture Wetsuit one of the best on the market and available at great prices through

Buoyancy and Flexibility

The Zone 3 Venture is made up of different thicknesses of neoprene between 2-4mm, 2mm around the shoulders and under the arms which is important to ensure a natural and comfortable swim stroke. And 4mm on the torso, legs and side panels to help lift you out of the water and ensures an optimum body position whilst you take to the water.

Comfort and speed

To ensure that you feel comfortable in your suit the venture has a low neckline and stitched and glue bonded seams to eliminate chaffing. The suit is finished for speed with Zone3’s trademark Silicone coated ‘Pro-Speed Cuffs’ on the lower legs to help increase speed of removal in transition as well as a YKK downwards zipper.

Fitting and swimming in a wetsuit guide

Fitting your wetsuit is of great importance and should be done with care and attention. Please refer to our Guide – Zone3 Performance: Beginner’s guide to swimming in a wetsuit or watch the brands video guide, on the video tab above.

Zone 3 Venture  Reviews

“Product seemed well made. I couldn’t find a size that suited me. Also I found the zip pull cord too short for me. I have in fact purchased a more expensive different Zone 3 wetsuit elsewhere and the fit is much better and the zip pull cord is a much more realistic length.  My advice to other people interested in this wetsuit is check the sizing carefully and make sure that the zip pull cord is long enough for you”

Pros: Attractive, Great Value, Lightweight

Cons: Poor Fit, Un-adjustable, I found the zip pull cord too short

“Upgraded from a wetsuit which had neoprene the same thickness all over, and not all of ‘smooth’. There are several big advantages of this entry level Zone3 wetsuit over my old one bought for the same price:  1. It’s so much more flexible. Therefore it’s so much more enjoyable to swim in. I haven’t felt like I’m fighting against inflexible neoprene on my shoulders, or struggling to breathe due to inflexible chest. This flexibility makes it tricky to get on but is well worth it.  2. The different panels of neoprene vary in thickness, buoyancy and flexibility. Thought this might be gimmicky but it makes a huge difference.  3. It does not rub. Was worried about chaffing around my armpits and shoulders when I first put it on, but it has not happened at all. I don’t even use any anti chaffing lube anymore.”

Pros: Attractive, Comfortable, Good Fit, Great Value

“I bought this wetsuit for my first ½-ironman last year. The suit has a tight fit and I was a little concerned about this before entering the water for the first time. However, in the water the fit feels excellent and is not too tight to hinder free movement of the arms and legs . The Zone 3 Venture  is warm and was able to keep me comfortably warm for the 1,9 km swim in the no-so-warm danish waters in September. The wetsuit is in my opinion good value and an excellent choice for any entry level open water swimmer.”

Pros: Attractive, Comfortable, Good Fit, Great Value, warm

Cons: Restrictive on dry land

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logo                £94.50 – Save 30% check_stock

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