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HUUB Albacore Triathlon westuit review

HUUB Albacore? An explanation…

It was five years ago at the Sandown Park Triathlon Show that the HUUB brand was revealed to the general public.  We were there at the start with founder, Dean Jackson, when we ran through the original Archimedes wetsuit and Aura wetsuits.  The new HUUB Albacore could be a game changer yet again.  So can Deano create yet another amazing triathlon wetsuit?

“In 1949 US researchers set out to create the fastest, most hydrodynamic and agile submarine in the world – named ‘The Albacore’. The groundbreaking project took them on a journey of idea generation, testing, retesting and continual improvement, the ultimate example of Science, Research, Reality.”

Much has changed in those five years, and once again we were at a Triathlon Show with Dean. This time at the ExCeL Centre – to take a first look at the latest addition to the HUUB range, the Albacore.

HUUB Albacore wetsuit reviewed by triathlonwetsuit.co.uk

You can find out more about the Albacore on the HUUB website

So what are the Key features of this new to the market triathlon suit from the world wide brand leaders HUUB. Is it going to break new ground – well time will tell on this front and we will update this review once we get our hands on one of these potentially amazing suits.

The HUUB Albacore Triathlon wetsuit

The accumulation of the greatest minds and technology within the triathlon industry.  Giving you the ultimate start to a race and a feel in the water that gives you confidence to race HARD.

  • Kinetic Release for arm stroke efficiency
  • HUUB exclusive Calf Release ™
  • DLP exclusive high buoyancy panels around the hips and core
  • 40% increased buoyancy over standard and aero-dome neoprenes
  • Improved flexible low neck line
  • No suit feel under arm modulus
  • Breakaway zipper

About triathlon Wetsuits

Modern triathlon wetsuits were invented by Dan Empfield in 1987 and are customized to the needs of triathletes, they generally incorporate the following key features which differentiates them from a normal wetsuit. 1, Thinner and/or more pliable rubber near the shoulders. 2, Long zippers to facilitate quick removal during transition. In addition, tri wetsuits have a very smooth, but often fragile, surface. This slick surface helps to reduce water friction and allows a faster swim. Another advantage of a tri wetsuit is the added buoyancy that the wetsuit provides, this can provide triathletes with a considerable speed and energy saving advantage over swimming without a suit.

About the HUUB brand

Our aim is to create better products combining research, science and reality. Team Huub has 4 decades worth of experience gained in the field of endurance sports (yes, we’ve done the miles, but still have the passion!). Focussing wholly on the athlete and maximising performance and comfort, we’ll explore both the odd and the conventional to create the best. We are not slaves to fashion, but to form, fit and performance. We believe quite simply that we have delivered what competitors want. What’s more, we know our suits work, because the science says so. The Huub team understand the specialist technical and scientific fields associated with triathlon, including hydrodynamics and swim stroke analysis. From smart scientist Huub Toussaint, clever Swim Smooth guys Adam Young and Paul Newsome to pragmatist Dean Jackson, we are focused on bringing cutting edge innovation to our products, whilst retaining a sense of reality and accessibility

HUUB Archimedes II 3:5 Triathlon Wetsuit

HUUB Triathlon Wetsuits

Team Huub has 4 decades worth of experience gained in the field of endurance sports creating amazing suits such as HUUB Archimedes II 3:5 (yes, they’ve done the miles, but still have the drive and passion!). Focusing wholly on the athlete to maximize performance and comfort, they’ve explored both the odd and the conventional to create the best triathlon wetsuits in the world. Team Huub are not slaves to fashion, but to form, fit and performance. They quite simply have delivered what competitors want. What’s more, they know their suits work, because the science says so. Huub’s aim is to create better products combining research, science and reality. And their success shows!

logo                £483.99  –  Save 12% check_stock

HUUB Archimedes is one of the fastest triathlon suits on the market giving you best race day experience
Hubb archimedes is one of the fastest triathlon suits on the market giving you best race day experience

HUUB Archimedes II 3:5

HUUB Archimedes II 3:5 is HUUB’s fastest suit and gives you the feeling of not wearing a suit.  Top Features of the HUUB Archimedes II 3:5.  Flexible – The Archimedes II 25% reduction in the neoprene thickness of the panels around the side.  Improved Efficiency – The x-o-skeleton has been increased by 80% in the Archimedes 2 to deliver more control.  Calf Release™ and Bicep Release™ The Calf Release has seen an increase in volume by 25% giving you ease of exit when it counts.  Improved kick by lack of restriction and significantly reduces the risk of cramping during swim and transition.  The Bicep Release has an improved modulus to further enhance the panel’s ability to create a natural flexed recovery arm and efficient arm flex for the catch. The Low Neck Line reduces neck rub which is a huge issue on the lower end specifications

With everything HUUB have done since they first introduced the Archimedes they have had one key goal in mind…  “To deliver the fastest wetsuit, with the feeling of not wearing a wetsuit”

HUUB Archimedes

The Archimedes, for HUUB, was the best suit they could have designed at the time. Materials, production methods and research saw us create the best of the moment… so what has brought about the change to the Archimedes 2? Research, challenging production and learning, from pushing the bar of expectation beyond anything the wetsuit market has ever seen.

We STRONGLY recommend using either Bodyglide when using these or any other wetsuits. These lubricants help prevent chafing, help with the removal of the wetsuit in transitions and are safe for the neoprene (unlike Vaseline).

Then there’s the lab, ‘The real lab’, helping HUUB to look deeper into modulus of materials and methods of construction, the lab that helped ensure HUUB were maximising the properties of neoprene foam and the lining whilst taking that into account in the construction. The lab that has taught HUUB more about stabilisation for a strong foundation, for the swim stroke and the lab that has taught them about muscle release and ‘Non-suit’ reaches and feel. The design of the HUUB Archimedes II 3:5 was a process of focus. An intense focus on a few key areas that, by working with our factories and research team, HUUB knew they could accomplish. It revolved around flexibility and creating the ‘non-suit’ feel, which then led to improved efficiency.

HUUB Archimedes
HUUB Archimedes II is HUUB’s fastest suit and gives you the feeling of not wearing a suit. Top Features of the HUUB Archimedes II 3:5.

Flexibility and Improvements

Through observing how Chloroprene foam moves, stretches and behaves with differing lining materials (especially when they marry it with construction and stitch patterns), HUUB have been able to further enhance the flexibility and reach. The Archimedes II has a 25% reduction in the neoprene thickness of the panels around the side, the back and shoulders – utilising 1mm Cholorprene foam, and the most flexible lining materials available. The under arm gusset has been remodelled with improved ‘mechanical reach’ with detailed analysis of the stitch location. The super flexible material in the lateral panels with thickness reduction allows ‘Non-suit’ feel and reach. The improved design and application of new materials delivers an arm-reach modulus reduction of 18%, in other words, less effort for more stretch.

logo                £483.99  –  Save 12% check_stock

Non Suit Feel

During the two-year testing period HUUB have strived to reach the ‘Non-suit’ bench mark. It was ITU Athlete and ‘more first out the water than any other’ ITU star Richard Varga whose comment satisfied that search –   “I knew I was wearing the most flexible wetsuit, but now I am wearing the most flexible swimskin, it just doesn’t feel like I am wearing a wetsuit, my speed tells me I am, but the feel tells me I am wearing something like I have never before experienced” – Richard Varga (First out of the swim more than any other ITU triathlete)

“Wow, that is fast, and so comfortable, what have you done? It doesn’t look much different from the first Archimedes, but it feels incredible” – Raoul Shaw (The only triathlete who challenged Richard Varga, 1500m P.B 15:05)

huub wetsuit
Amazing prices on triathlon wetsuits from triathlonwetsuit.co.uk – get this HUUB wetsuit for 29% of RRP currently at £349.99 including delivery

Improved Efficiency

The X-O skeleton is a unique proposition from Huub, researched using ‘active drag’ the only company testing and using the most effective and accurate measurement. Measurement of Active drag (M.A.D) showed HUUB what happens when the athlete is swimming, not being towed or pulled – where inaccuracies are rife. HUUB use a cross section of measurement, but the M.A.D is the most accurate and most reliable.

The X-O Skeleton delivers structure and control to reduce snaking, power loss and directional waste by gripping and holding the pelvis and hips. Research by Professor Huub Toussaint has taught HUUB many things, and one of those is the secret to improving stroke efficiency, whilst controlling other parts of the body. They don’t want to give too much away, there are more products to come that have benefitted from this research… lets just say; “the more control, the more efficiency.” The x-o-skeleton has been increased by 80% in the Archimedes 2 to deliver more control.

Calf Release™ and Bicep Release™

The Calf Release has seen an increase in volume by 25%, giving the calf more coverage of the lower modulus and non-restrictive super thin nylon. HUUB have reduced the thickness to below 1mm to ensure natural calf movement; this improves kick by lack of restriction and significantly reduces the risk of cramping during swim and transition.

The Bicep Release has an improved modulus to further enhance the panel’s ability to create a natural flexed recovery arm and efficient arm flex for the catch. The Bicep release was the brain-child of Swimsmooth’s Paul Newsome and has proved to be a unique feature that only a swim stroke analyst with his obsessive nature could create – thank you Paul and Team Swimsmooth. We strived to improve the modulus from the neoprene versus the biceps panel and the results couldn’t be more exciting.

logo                £483.99  –  Save 12% check_stock

Low Neck Line

HUUB know they have the most comfortable neck in the wetsuit industry. They don’t fold and stitch, HUUB refuse to create a tourniquet of rubber to restrict breathing and flexibility HUUB stood alone and will stand by this simple and effective design.

85% of triathletes come to the sport from a non-swimming background and many suffer from low sinking legs in the water as they swim. Of course the buoyancy of any wetsuit helps bring the legs up higher but never before have wetsuits been designed specifically for these swimmers with a large buoyancy difference between the upper and lower bodies. Until you swim in one of these suits you won’t believe how high your legs can be, they will feel glued to the surface and your potential as a swimmer will be truly unleashed!

As we designed these sophisticated high technology suits, we increasingly moved away from neoprene towards new materials with properties of increased buoyancy and specified levels of stretch.

Zone 3 Venture Triathlon wetsuit

Zone3 Triathlon Wetsuits

Zone3, makers of Zone 3 Venture is a British triathlon brand that continues to be an innovator and leader in the world of triathlon wetsuits such as  Zone 3 Venture and apparel. They focus on research, performance and product quality above all else. Whether you are an elite leading out of the field or training for your first triathlon, Zone3 has the goods to get you the best results.

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Zone 3 Venture
Zone3 Venture triathlon Wetsuits at great prices direct from suppliers

Zone 3 Venture Triathlon wetsuit

The Venture wetsuit was designed by Zone3 specifically for Wiggle. An exclusive wetsuit which combines performance, comfort and speed and all at an amazing price. Top Features of the Zone3 Venture Wetsuit – The Venture wetsuits offer a fantastic specification including:

• Great flexibility around the shoulders and arms for comfortable and energy efficient swimming.
• Core support buoyancy panels to maintain a streamlined body position in the water and save energy.
• The use of ‘SpeedFlo’ fabric on 70% of the wetsuit to minimize drag through the water, increase speed and improve durability. The remaining 30% made from high quality rubberised smoothskin neoprene.
• Zone3’s trademark Silicone coated ‘Pro-Speed Cuffs’ on the arms and lower legs to help increase speed of removal and be more noticeable when in the water.
• A combination of 3mm and 4mm body panels for warmth.
• Low and comfortable neckline.
• Fully Stitched and Glue Bonded for increased flexibility and comfort.
• High quality YKK downwards zipper making the suit easy to take on and off.
• The thickness is 2mm around the shoulders and under arms, 3mm on the chest and upper back, 4mm on the torso, legs and side panels. Please see supporting image.
• For your consideration

We STRONGLY recommend using either Bodyglide when using these or any other wetsuits. These lubricants help prevent chafing, help with the removal of the wetsuit in transitions and are safe for the neoprene (unlike Vaseline).

Zone 3 Venture designed without compromise

It was mandatory that no corners were cut and the quality of the suits stood in line with over five years worth of first class customer reviews. Zone3 believe this is the best value wetsuit available on the market for the level of performance which is offered and the perfect suit for those starting out in Triathlon or Open Water Swimming.

The most important things about a wetsuit are flexibility, buoyancy, comfort and how easy it is to get off in transition. Swimmers need different things depending on their level of confidence in the water, the Venture wetsuit features everything you need in an entry level or as a training suit.

Zone 3 Venture
Zone3 Venture Wetsuit one of the best on the market and available at great prices through Triathlonwetsuit.co.uk

Buoyancy and Flexibility

The Zone 3 Venture is made up of different thicknesses of neoprene between 2-4mm, 2mm around the shoulders and under the arms which is important to ensure a natural and comfortable swim stroke. And 4mm on the torso, legs and side panels to help lift you out of the water and ensures an optimum body position whilst you take to the water.

Comfort and speed

To ensure that you feel comfortable in your suit the venture has a low neckline and stitched and glue bonded seams to eliminate chaffing. The suit is finished for speed with Zone3’s trademark Silicone coated ‘Pro-Speed Cuffs’ on the lower legs to help increase speed of removal in transition as well as a YKK downwards zipper.

Fitting and swimming in a wetsuit guide

Fitting your wetsuit is of great importance and should be done with care and attention. Please refer to our Guide – Zone3 Performance: Beginner’s guide to swimming in a wetsuit or watch the brands video guide, on the video tab above.

Zone 3 Venture  Reviews

“Product seemed well made. I couldn’t find a size that suited me. Also I found the zip pull cord too short for me. I have in fact purchased a more expensive different Zone 3 wetsuit elsewhere and the fit is much better and the zip pull cord is a much more realistic length.  My advice to other people interested in this wetsuit is check the sizing carefully and make sure that the zip pull cord is long enough for you”

Pros: Attractive, Great Value, Lightweight

Cons: Poor Fit, Un-adjustable, I found the zip pull cord too short

“Upgraded from a wetsuit which had neoprene the same thickness all over, and not all of ‘smooth’. There are several big advantages of this entry level Zone3 wetsuit over my old one bought for the same price:  1. It’s so much more flexible. Therefore it’s so much more enjoyable to swim in. I haven’t felt like I’m fighting against inflexible neoprene on my shoulders, or struggling to breathe due to inflexible chest. This flexibility makes it tricky to get on but is well worth it.  2. The different panels of neoprene vary in thickness, buoyancy and flexibility. Thought this might be gimmicky but it makes a huge difference.  3. It does not rub. Was worried about chaffing around my armpits and shoulders when I first put it on, but it has not happened at all. I don’t even use any anti chaffing lube anymore.”

Pros: Attractive, Comfortable, Good Fit, Great Value

“I bought this wetsuit for my first ½-ironman last year. The suit has a tight fit and I was a little concerned about this before entering the water for the first time. However, in the water the fit feels excellent and is not too tight to hinder free movement of the arms and legs . The Zone 3 Venture  is warm and was able to keep me comfortably warm for the 1,9 km swim in the no-so-warm danish waters in September. The wetsuit is in my opinion good value and an excellent choice for any entry level open water swimmer.”

Pros: Attractive, Comfortable, Good Fit, Great Value, warm

Cons: Restrictive on dry land

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Orca S6 Mens Triathlon Wetsuit 2016

Orca Triathlon Wetsuits

One thing you’ll notice immediately upon sliding into an Orca S6 Wetsuit is that it fits incredibly well. Orca designs products with the athlete in mind and with the direct feedback of some of the elite names in our sport. Anyone heard of Craig Alexander? Many of Orca’s most innovative new designs and features are the direct result of working with professional athletes. Who else could provide the insight into what really works on the race course?

Orca products are designed and tested on athletes, not computer models. The design, materials and production techniques are always at the cutting edge. Creating a wetsuit line such as the one you are about to see takes years of experience. In the congested world of look-a-like triathlon wetsuits, Orca truly stands out with a suit for any occasion. Come see why some of the most accomplished athletes in the history of triathlon started and finished with Orca triathlon apparel and wetsuits.

logo                £148.79 – Save 12% check_stock

logo-1        £140.89  –  Save 14% Ex Demoscheck_stock

Orca S6 Mens-Wetsuit-2016-Wetsuits-Black-2016-FVNJ01
The S6 is the ideal entry level open water wetsuit that offers great flexibility and buoyancy at a superb price point.

The S6 is the ideal entry level open water wetsuit that offers great flexibility and buoyancy at a superb price point. 

Features of the Orca S6 Mens Wetsuit 2016


2mm 39cell SCS coated Yamamoto underarm, shoulder and arm panels combined with a flexible Powerstretch lining provide a superb range of motion and improve flexibility.


Orca S6 has 5mm SCS coated Yamamoto front panel and a 5mm lower back panel provides maximum buoyancy and freedom of movement in the water.


With less panels on the legs and arms, both functionality and comfort of the suit has been increased from it’s S5 predecessor.  Yamamoto 39cell is an extremely flexible neoprene which supports an uninhibited natural swimming motion. 39cell extends to a 513% elongation rate, meaning this material is sure to move with you. Added benefits of zero water absorption and zero weight variation can mean only one thing: more speed. A fine balance between buoyancy and flexibility. 39cell is a durable material which will stand the test of time and distance, representing the best neoprene available in it’s class.

SCS  Acting as a coating over closed-cell neoprene, Super Composite Skin (SCS) has become the benchmark for coating the smoothskin neoprene used in triathlon wetsuits. To reduce friction and increase speed through the water. The micro-cell structure of the SCS coating repels water when in contact with air and reduces surface resistance when in contact with water.


Exo-Cell is a unique sandwich-designed neoprene that provides over 25% more buoyancy than Aerodome. Panels of Exo-Cell are used in strategic panels on the Predator, Alpha and 3.8 to optimise swimming position.


HydroLite panels featured on the Orca S6 make transition that extra bit faster using the super fast SCS (Nano ICE in the Predator) which combined with a special lining which absorbs less water to improve buoyancy while also being extremely sleek. Making the Orca S6 suit fast to remove in transition saving you precious seconds.

The S6 is the ideal entry level open water wetsuit that offers great flexibility and buoyancy at a superb price point.


It’s what’s on the inside that counts and Orca’s unique InfinitySkn lining plays an integral part in the unbelievable flexibility of our top end wetsuits. Constructed from a high stretch nylon, InfinitySkn is strategically placed where ultimate stretch is required.

A wetsuit for every swim style

Orca biggest focus has been on how they can help athletes swim faster when they’re in their wetsuits. Orca know that not all swimmers are alike. Within their wetsuit range they offer wetsuits to suit every swim style and budget so that every athlete’s individual needs can be met. In over twenty years of studying swimmers, they’ve narrowed these main requirements down to the following:

Orca S6 Mens Wetsuit 2016 Reviews

“The Orca S6 triathlon wetsuit gives a overall great performance for freediver. It is not designed specific for it. Nice as expected.”

Pros: Attractive, Comfortable, Good Fit, High Quality

“Great buoyancy. Sizing chart is accurate. Sleeves do not restrict arm rotation and fitting on not as cumbersome as other products. Dries fairly quickly. Lightweight. Must buy for any dedicated athlete wanting to take it to another level. Bit pricy but you are going to have it for a while. ORCA arsenal was not easy making the choice as their product line is so diverse.”

Pros:  Good Fit, High Quality

I am very tall,, 2.00 m, and slim and I was concerned about buying without trying, but I’m glad I did. The orca sizing guide put me at an 11 but I choose a size 9 as that was closest to my chest size. My torso fits it like a glove and I am able to swim so much further than in my winter, surfing wetsuit before my arms get tired. However, because of my very long limbs, it is almost a three quarter length suit on me, which is not a problem now that the sea is warning up.
Having a loop to arch my car key to is a plus and it is quick and easy to get in and out of. I love it.
Pros:  Good Fit, High Quality, Lightweight

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logo                £148.79 – Save 12% check_stock

logo-1        £140.89  –  Save 14% Ex Demoscheck_stock


Yonda Ghost Wetsuit

About Yonda Triathlon Wetsuits

Yonda Sports, home of the Yonda Ghost wetsuit, custom tri suits & cycle wear. Using high performance fabrics we are able to produce high quality sportswear for teams, clubs, companies, and individuals.

Yonda is based in the heart of the historical Holme Valley in Yorkshire, an area famous for its textile heritage and rolling hills. It’s a magical place to be an athlete with challenging climbs, fells and woodland with amazing views around every corner.

Developed by athletes for athletes of all levels – everything at Yonda is about Performance, Quality and Innovation giving you the competitive edge. We are proud of our products, we don’t believe in cutting corners to fit a price point and only use world leading suppliers of fabric and neoprene – suppliers who are at the top of their own fields.

Our wetsuits has been developed, tested and adopted by current elite triathletes. Designed by competitive swimmers, careful thought has gone into the most important areas of open water swimming – buoyancy, comfort, technique and speed.

YONDA – with you all the way

Yonda Ghost Wetsuit

Developed, tested and raced directly with current elite triathletes, we believe the new YONDA Ghost wetsuit exceeds many on the market, even those at a higher price point. Designed by competitive swimmers, careful thought has gone into the most important areas of open water swimming – buoyancy, comfort, technique and speed.

Yonda Ghost
triathlonwetsuit.co.uk giving you the best value triathlon suit possible. Great prices and deals on the best triathlon wetsuit

Yonda Ghost Features

Buoyancy – The most flexible Yamamoto #39 SCS Skin AERODOME is used on front chest and thigh to centralise the core and raising the hips. This allows for a perfect natural body roll when extending the arms into the catch and pull.

Comfort – Chest and Torso uses Yamamoto #39 SCS Skin AERODOME allowing flexibility to breath easily by accentuating the lung area.

To Aid Technique – Yamamoto #40 SCS Skin AQUAPULL is used in sleeve, wrist and underam areas – this is super thin permeable fabric that is married to FASTDRY waterproof lycra in the forearm. This creates a great feel in the water and makes the catch point more sensitive and allows for a stronger pull.

To help allow for better sighting the YONDA Ghost wetsuit has a reverse style zipper which means no bulky collar.

Speed in water- -SCS (Super Composite Skin) coating on the outside reduces friction and increases your speed though the water.

Speed in Transition – Tested in the 2014 & 2015 World Series and British Super Series, the YONDA wetsuit proved to be very fast to take off in T1 where seconds make all the difference. The design of the YONDA Ghost wetsuit coupled with Yamamoto #39 SCS Skin in the calf area allows for the suit to be kicked off fast!

Full Specs:

  • Front chest/front thigh/bum = #39 SCS SKIN AERODROME
  • Back/calf/crotch/upper front chest = #39 SCS SKIN
  • Collar/sleeve/wrist/underarm = #40 SCS SKIN AQUA PULL
  • Forearm fabric = Fast dry waterproof Lycra
  • Men (Neon Green) = XS, SM, MS, MD, MT, LS, LG, XL, XXL
    Women (Neon Magenta) = XS, SM, MD, LG, XL
  • All wetsuits include an internal key pocket and come with a mesh carry bag.

Yonda Ghost Wetsuit Reviews

Thank you to Yonda who turned around an order for kit for the Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Junior Triathlon Team. The service was fantastic, with samples for all sizes to try on. The kit arrived in good time even with the short turn around time they were up against. The finish on the kit was very high and definitely made the kids feel like elite athletes. They were all very proud to wear the kit and very pleased with quality and fit.
Debra, Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Junior Triathlon Team

At Holmfirth Harriers we have been waiting a long time for a kit supplier to tick all the boxes. Yonda did that with our first order:
Great Kit, Great Price, Great Service – and we didn’t have to wait 6 weeks for delivery.
Andrew Kerry, Holmfirth Harriers

I have raced in the Yonda Evoke wetsuit and Elite trisuit all season. The trisuit is very comfy and snug enough when racing in non wetsuit races. The Yonda wetsuit is the comfiest I have worn with great flexibility on the arms, the high quality of the suit while swimming is second to non and also makes for super fast transitions too.
Lewis Byram, Yonda Athlete

The elite trisuit is comfortable to wear and as it is Teflon coated it is a dream to swim in, I’ve had plenty of positive comments about it!! There is just the right amount of padding in the seat for the bike but not constrictive in any way on the run, highly recommended! The wetsuit is amazing to swim in, I have nothing to compare it to as this is my first wetsuit, but I have just completed my first half ironman distance triathlon and its a great fit and comfortable to swim in.
I would highly recommend the Yonda range and I will definitely be purchasing more kit!
Dinah C, Half Ironwoman

Having a running background, the swim was the one I needed to work on. In the beginning it really didn’t matter what to wear, however when the open water swim distance increased, the wet suit became the most important factor. For someone like me, Yonda’s wet suit provided me with a confidence I needed, it fits brilliantly and even makes you look slimmer! Its light but warm, its flexible and durable. It is brilliantly designed with accent on every single possible thing that matters, small or big. This wet suit looks cool and most importantly it is fast!! It makes you feel like you’re gliding, whether the waters calm or choppy. Truly looking forward to the next tri season, felling confident with my swim Great value for money and you are worth it!
Bea P, Ironwoman

As a newbie to the world of triathlon, I have faced many challenges, one of them being kit. What’s good, what’s not, is it overpriced etc. Yonda has taken that worry away allowing me to focus on the race. Whilst there kit is competitively priced, the products are first class in quality, durability and comfort, and I hope they expand there range very soon!
Tracey N, Half Ironwoman

I have exclusively used Yonda for all my races this season and it has out performed some of the top branded kit I have owned. The pricing is extremely competitive and is not in any way indicative of a compromise in quality, durability or performance. I look forward to the range expanding as more people become aware of this exciting new brand.
Jen W, Half Ironwoman