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HUUB Wetsuit – Axena 3:5 Women’s

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Team Huub has 4 decades worth of experience gained in the field of endurance sports (yes, they’ve done the miles, but still have the drive and passion!). Focusing wholly on the triathlete to maximize performance and comfort, they’ve explored both the odd and the conventional to create the best HUUB Wetsuit in the world. Team Huub are not slaves to fashion, but to form, fit and performance. They quite simply have delivered what competitors want. What’s more, they know their suits work, because the science says so. Huub’s aim is to create better products combining research, science and reality. And their success shows!

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HUUB Wetsuit Axena 3:5 Women’s Wetsuit

HUUB Wetsuit offering amazing triathlon WETSUITS FOR SALE great prices on mens triathlon wetsuits & womens triathlon wetsuits

There is in HUUB’s opinion no finer suit on the market for the combination of 3mm upper body flexibility which is un-matched in the industry, and 5mm composite materials. Tested to be significantly more buoyant than any other neoprene on the market. Top Features of the HUUB Axena 3:5 Women’s Wetsuit X-O Skeleton for improved buoyancy in thighs and hips Over reach panel to reduce cross-over and maintain stroke efficiency Bicep Release™ for improved arm flexion.

huub wetsuit
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HUBB Wetsuit Calf Release™ giving the Achilles and calf muscle freedom of movement. 3mm exclusive upper body neoprene for comfort, stroke efficiency and un-matched flexibility Breakaway Zipper, the quickest in Triathlon.

Unique combination of lining materials Two buoyancy versions 3:3 and 3:5 (Buy Now).

HUUB Wetsuit Axena 3:5 Women’s

HUBB Wetsuit giving you the best value triathlon suit possible. Great prices and deals on the best triathlon wetsuit

3:05 3MM UPPER BODY MATERIALS AND 5MM LOWER BODY MATERIALS. 85% of triathletes come to the sport from a non-swimming background and many suffer from low sinking legs in the water as they swim. Of course the buoyancy of any wetsuit helps bring the legs up higher but never before has a HUUB Wetsuit been designed specifically for these swimmers. Larger buoyancy difference between the upper and lower bodies. Until you swim in one of these suits you won’t believe how high your legs can be. They will feel glued to the surface and your potential as a swimmer will be truly unleashed!

As they designed these sophisticated high technology suits, HUUB Wetsuit increasingly moved away from neoprene towards new materials. With properties of increased buoyancy and specified levels of stretch these suits are amazing.

The Perfect Wetsuit

The aXena is a project that has taken over 12 months of refinement. Working with athletes across the globe and finally HUUB are so happy with their product they have aligned with one of the most discerning and amazing athletes of the modern female triathlon scene. Caroline Steffen, also known as ‘Xena’ to her colleagues and friends, has found what she believes to be her perfect wetsuit. (No finer endorsement could they ask for)

HUUB have taken the NBR composite -39 X-O skeleton™ and wrapped the thighs and hips to deliver increased buoyancy. This improves body alignment in the water. Combined with the exclusive Bicep Release™ and Calf Release™.

There is in HUUB’s opinion no finer suit on the market for the combination of 3mm upper body flexibility which is un-matched in the industry. 5mm of composite materials, that they have tested to be significantly more buoyant than any other neoprene on the market and HUUB have the test data to prove this. This is the 3:5 version.

For those who prefer a more balanced suit, HUUB offer a 3mm upper and 3mm lower body version called the 3:3 (available on a seperate listing).

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logo                £349.99 – Save 29% check_stock

logo-1               £121.49  –  Save 75% check_stock

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