Speedo Super Elite SE16 Wetsuit

About the Speedo brand

Speedo produce a fantastic range of swimwear and swimming accesories including Speedo super elite, swimsuits, swimming goggles, kickboards, swimming fins and pullbouys plus much more.

Founded in Australia by Alexander MacRae, a 22-year-old Scottish immigrant who arrived in the country in 1910. The ‘SPEEDO’ company began when MacRae Hosiery manufacturers, established by Alexander in 1914, extended the manufacture of underwear to swimwear and became MacRae Knitting Mills. This acceptance of swimwear and the introduction of the ‘Racerback’ costume meant it was time for a new company name.

Speedo Super Elite SE16 Wetsuit

Experience the power of the Speedo Super Elite SE16 Wetsuit and enjoy unparalleled speed and racing efficiency during your triathlon swim Top Features of the Speedo Super Elite SE16 Wetsuit This wetsuit combines key Speedo technologies with noticeable style, to show the wearer is a serious contender. The core stability system reinforces your core for better control in the water, thus allowing for more powerful strokes. Thicker panels have been strategically placed for more buoyancy and perfect adjustment of swim position.

Flexible neoprene strips allow for an enhanced range of movement during the stroke phase. Flexible underarm panels interact with the back panels for maximum extension and range of motion across the back and shoulders, reducing shoulder fatigue. Improved collar construction tailored to reduce chaffing whilst swimming. The most buoyant foam existing, which provides the highest lift to the body, thus minimizing drag.

Product Data for Speedo Super Elite SE16 Wetsuit

Pioneering technology delivers buoyancy that reduces drag, conserves racing energy and improves your hydrodynamic efficiency in open water, while super-flexible neoprene rubber allows you reach and power through every stroke without feeling restricted.

The Speedo Super Elite SE16 Wetsuit Fullsuit Wetsuit is worn and endorsed by professional triathlon racing team BMC-Etixx. Flexibility – Enjoy full and unrestricted range of movement on race day with the Super Elite, which features the most flexible neoprene available – Y45 cell Yamamoto neoprene – on the torso and legs.  Ultra-flexible Y40 cell Yamamoto neoprene, in thin 1.5mm panels, is used around the shoulders and under the arms, offering 4-way stretch which allows you the freedom of movement to swim without compromising your natural stroke style.

Speedo super elite
Front view of Speedo Super Elite SE16 Wetsuit Black Gold 2016 available through triathlonwetsuit.co.uk

Fitpoint Markers™ on the lower arm, hips and legs make the Super Elite easy to fit and align for maximum efficiency in the water.  Hydrodynamics – -Nano SCS coating, Speedo’s fastest neoprene surface yet, together with the wetsuit’s seamless bonded construction, enhances your hydrodynamic efficiency, drastically reducing drag. The nano technology delivers even lower surface friction than standard SCS technology, making you faster through the water. Meanwhile the Core Stabiliser reinforces your core for a better swim position and improved control in the water.

The Revo Zipper is easily fastened, but rapidly unzips to peel off as you head to T1. Reverse zip construction can be opened easily in seconds, allowing for even faster transitions from swim to bike.

Speedo super elite
Rear view of Speedo Super Elite SE16 Wetsuit Black Gold 2016 available through triathlonwetsuit.co.uk

Buoyancy for reduced drag – Extra buoyant Aqualift Panels in the lower legs improve kick stability and conserve energy by limiting the need to kick, ensuring you arrive in transition fresh for the bike.

Sandwich constructed Aerodome 2.0 Panels in the torso and legs enhance buoyancy, keeping you higher in the water to reduce drag, increase speed and promote a better swimming position.

Warmth – A super thin film of Titanium Alloy coating provides excellent heat retention properties, making the neoprene 20% warmer than standard – without limiting the natural stretch ability or texture of the rubber.

Super Sealed Cuffs on the Speedo Super Elite SE16 Wetsuit and a fused V shaped Anatomic Collar maintain superior water-tightness, ensuring comfort and warmth whilst preventing the drag that occurs from a water-logged suit.

Yonda Ghost Wetsuit

About Yonda Triathlon Wetsuits

Yonda Sports, home of the Yonda Ghost wetsuit, custom tri suits & cycle wear. Using high performance fabrics we are able to produce high quality sportswear for teams, clubs, companies, and individuals.

Yonda is based in the heart of the historical Holme Valley in Yorkshire, an area famous for its textile heritage and rolling hills. It’s a magical place to be an athlete with challenging climbs, fells and woodland with amazing views around every corner.

Developed by athletes for athletes of all levels – everything at Yonda is about Performance, Quality and Innovation giving you the competitive edge. We are proud of our products, we don’t believe in cutting corners to fit a price point and only use world leading suppliers of fabric and neoprene – suppliers who are at the top of their own fields.

Our wetsuits has been developed, tested and adopted by current elite triathletes. Designed by competitive swimmers, careful thought has gone into the most important areas of open water swimming – buoyancy, comfort, technique and speed.

YONDA – with you all the way

Yonda Ghost Wetsuit

Developed, tested and raced directly with current elite triathletes, we believe the new YONDA Ghost wetsuit exceeds many on the market, even those at a higher price point. Designed by competitive swimmers, careful thought has gone into the most important areas of open water swimming – buoyancy, comfort, technique and speed.

Yonda Ghost
triathlonwetsuit.co.uk giving you the best value triathlon suit possible. Great prices and deals on the best triathlon wetsuit

Yonda Ghost Features

Buoyancy – The most flexible Yamamoto #39 SCS Skin AERODOME is used on front chest and thigh to centralise the core and raising the hips. This allows for a perfect natural body roll when extending the arms into the catch and pull.

Comfort – Chest and Torso uses Yamamoto #39 SCS Skin AERODOME allowing flexibility to breath easily by accentuating the lung area.

To Aid Technique – Yamamoto #40 SCS Skin AQUAPULL is used in sleeve, wrist and underam areas – this is super thin permeable fabric that is married to FASTDRY waterproof lycra in the forearm. This creates a great feel in the water and makes the catch point more sensitive and allows for a stronger pull.

To help allow for better sighting the YONDA Ghost wetsuit has a reverse style zipper which means no bulky collar.

Speed in water- -SCS (Super Composite Skin) coating on the outside reduces friction and increases your speed though the water.

Speed in Transition – Tested in the 2014 & 2015 World Series and British Super Series, the YONDA wetsuit proved to be very fast to take off in T1 where seconds make all the difference. The design of the YONDA Ghost wetsuit coupled with Yamamoto #39 SCS Skin in the calf area allows for the suit to be kicked off fast!

Full Specs:

  • Front chest/front thigh/bum = #39 SCS SKIN AERODROME
  • Back/calf/crotch/upper front chest = #39 SCS SKIN
  • Collar/sleeve/wrist/underarm = #40 SCS SKIN AQUA PULL
  • Forearm fabric = Fast dry waterproof Lycra
  • Men (Neon Green) = XS, SM, MS, MD, MT, LS, LG, XL, XXL
    Women (Neon Magenta) = XS, SM, MD, LG, XL
  • All wetsuits include an internal key pocket and come with a mesh carry bag.

Yonda Ghost Wetsuit Reviews

Thank you to Yonda who turned around an order for kit for the Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Junior Triathlon Team. The service was fantastic, with samples for all sizes to try on. The kit arrived in good time even with the short turn around time they were up against. The finish on the kit was very high and definitely made the kids feel like elite athletes. They were all very proud to wear the kit and very pleased with quality and fit.
Debra, Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Junior Triathlon Team

At Holmfirth Harriers we have been waiting a long time for a kit supplier to tick all the boxes. Yonda did that with our first order:
Great Kit, Great Price, Great Service – and we didn’t have to wait 6 weeks for delivery.
Andrew Kerry, Holmfirth Harriers

I have raced in the Yonda Evoke wetsuit and Elite trisuit all season. The trisuit is very comfy and snug enough when racing in non wetsuit races. The Yonda wetsuit is the comfiest I have worn with great flexibility on the arms, the high quality of the suit while swimming is second to non and also makes for super fast transitions too.
Lewis Byram, Yonda Athlete

The elite trisuit is comfortable to wear and as it is Teflon coated it is a dream to swim in, I’ve had plenty of positive comments about it!! There is just the right amount of padding in the seat for the bike but not constrictive in any way on the run, highly recommended! The wetsuit is amazing to swim in, I have nothing to compare it to as this is my first wetsuit, but I have just completed my first half ironman distance triathlon and its a great fit and comfortable to swim in.
I would highly recommend the Yonda range and I will definitely be purchasing more kit!
Dinah C, Half Ironwoman

Having a running background, the swim was the one I needed to work on. In the beginning it really didn’t matter what to wear, however when the open water swim distance increased, the wet suit became the most important factor. For someone like me, Yonda’s wet suit provided me with a confidence I needed, it fits brilliantly and even makes you look slimmer! Its light but warm, its flexible and durable. It is brilliantly designed with accent on every single possible thing that matters, small or big. This wet suit looks cool and most importantly it is fast!! It makes you feel like you’re gliding, whether the waters calm or choppy. Truly looking forward to the next tri season, felling confident with my swim Great value for money and you are worth it!
Bea P, Ironwoman

As a newbie to the world of triathlon, I have faced many challenges, one of them being kit. What’s good, what’s not, is it overpriced etc. Yonda has taken that worry away allowing me to focus on the race. Whilst there kit is competitively priced, the products are first class in quality, durability and comfort, and I hope they expand there range very soon!
Tracey N, Half Ironwoman

I have exclusively used Yonda for all my races this season and it has out performed some of the top branded kit I have owned. The pricing is extremely competitive and is not in any way indicative of a compromise in quality, durability or performance. I look forward to the range expanding as more people become aware of this exciting new brand.
Jen W, Half Ironwoman